14th annual Chomp and Stomp Festival

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14th annual Chomp and Stomp Festival

The 14th annual Chomp and Stomp Festival in Cabbagetown will be happening on November 5, 2016. They have been working hard for the past 14 years to perfect their little neighborhood fundraiser and boy have they grown in the process. The first Chili Cook-off had 20 individual chili’s with about 900 attendees. Last year, they had 100 individual chilis, 29 restaurants chilis, 75 artists, 20 food vendors, 19 celebrity judges, and between 22,000 and 24,000 attendees but please don’t bring your dogs. You will be turned away. Too crowded.

The 14th annual Chomp and Stomp Festival includes a romp through Cabbagetown, described as an easy, flat, 5K followed up with beer for breakfast for the hardy. Find that perfect spot at one of our 4 music stages for some bodacious bluegrass music that traveled from all over just to see you.

At 12:30 the Chili Tasting Begins! Grab that $5 spoon and dive down the Chili Rows. Are you going to hit individual chilis first or do you find it hard to resist the temptations of Restaurant Row.

Make sure to wander through our Artist Market that has as much Cabbagetown flavor as the chili.  Don’t miss Brussel Sprout Park where the stage is family friendly. Can’t wait to see what we will do this year.

Don’t forget to wander back to the main stage for the Cabbagetown games. The brussel sprout bobbing can be a bit competitive so stand back and be amazed. At 5pm, they  announce the winners for both the individual and restaurant chilis.

Remember No Doggies allowed.

Though it has been 14 years in the making, one thing has not changed. You are the one who brings the festivity to our little festival. Thank you Cabbagetown neighbors, travelers, sponsors, local businesses, and volunteers! We thank you from the bottom of our chili bowls.

Click here for more information on the 14th annual Chomp and Stomp Festival.

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